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Coimbatore woman provides free briyani to the needy

free briyani

Sunday, February 14, 2021

/ by Care Hitters


Twenty Rupee Biryani Shop located on Rebuilds Road, Coimbatore. It is Sabrina's humanity to give away free biryani packets with the caption 'Are you hungry..take it ...'. 

Satish and Sabrina, a couple from Chennai, live on Redpeels Road in the Puliyakulam area of ​​Coimbatore. They have two children. Satish has been selling eggs in Tirupur.

Sabrina has a BSc in Psychology and runs a small roadside restaurant in front of her house. The shop, which runs from 12 noon to 3 pm, sells biryani for as low as Rs 20.

In ordinary roadside shops, biryani sells for at least 50 rupees. However, this woman has been selling biryani for the last three months for only 20 rupees an afternoon to help the poor and needy.

Hunger is worse than any disease. ' "If an individual does not have food, we will destroy Jagat," said Bharathi. But how many of us have ever thought about those who suffer from hunger? Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Safrina and Maria Sathees, a couple from Coimbatore, are in such a precarious situation.

Together with her husband though, she is starving those who are starving.

Safrina. In front of his house in the Redfields area of ​​Coimbatore, she has set up a small biryani shop. The price of an empty biryani there is only 20 rupees. For those who can't afford it, he writes on a slate, "Take it if you're hungry," and puts free food parcels in a cardboard box. Safrina makes biryani out of basmati rice. The smell and taste of biryani make empty food boxes empty.


 Safrina said,


My hometown is Chennai. Let us have an awesome baby. It has been four years since I came to Coimbatore. We came here to work with our husbands. I studied BSc Psychology. I was working for a company. Anyway, I want to do business. So, I quit my job. Her husband runs a food court in Tirupur. Last November, we opened a biryani shop in front of our house.


My husband and I recently went out. `We eat three meals a day. But, what to buy if not? There are a lot of people on the road who are mentally ill and have no arms or legs. It's hard to see them all. Can we feed the needy? 'I asked my husband. He also gave hope. In the afternoon, Annie wrote on the slate, "Take it if you're hungry," and put the biryani packets in a cardboard box.

Whether everyone takes it or not, the mind is happy and satisfied. We did not think of keeping our own house, money, and jewelry together. We want God and all to be good.

Anyone who is hungry can pick up the package of biryani in this box. For me, the decision to help should not be taken immediately. Don't put off thinking about everything you can do for tomorrow, including money.

Wherever we let the kids do this. When my child is asked, "Will you do this too?", Say, "Of course we will." That is what we want. Let's plant the seed. Tomorrow it will become a tree "

"Wherever the business is good, we will give biryani for Rs.15. This is possible for everyone. We will get the money to invest in the biryani. Sukkah and Gravy are profitable. This is enough for us. We look forward to providing affordable, quality food to all.

Is it healthy to eat? We do not add anything for taste or color. We made biryani the same way we made it at home. 10,000, 7,000 salaries can be bought and this kind of business and help can be done.

Pick up food from the box and say, "Good morning, good luck to your baby, good luck for many years to come." It will motivate us to help a lot more. GH Page Everything Lots of people stay there even if it's raining or sunny. No one thinks of them paragraph by paragraph. We think of ourselves only paragraph by paragraph. That will change. My Dad is a great role model for me to think like this.

He has a lot of attitude to help. I shouted this from him. Men ask for a lift, I guess I will help. It is our duty to help fellow human beings. Feeding 100 people a day. That is the desire. "

She said that in particular, it is generating revenue without any loss and if the sales increase, they can provide biryani for 15 rupees.

And he has a situation where most of the unsupported cannot afford to buy biryani for 20 rupees. She said that he has kept the biryani packets in a separate box for them and has been implementing this for the last 4 days. 

Sabrina's action has benefited many of the homeless by taking food out of the box. Sabrina continues her journey with the goal of providing free biryani to a hundred people a day.

On the one hand, customers buy the parcel and pay for it. On the other hand, many people carry packets of biryani in a box that reads, 'Are you hungry? Take it.' Free box packs

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